Committed to a tolerant and inclusive Modern Orthodox community, PORAT brings together lay and religious leaders to advocate for thoughtful halachic observance and progressive education. PORAT supports organizations dedicated to these ideals and fosters open dialogue while advancing Torah values.


Our Mission

for a Modern Orthodoxy willing to engage diverse perspectives on issues relating to religious Zionism, gender equality, conversion to Judaism, agunah, the synthesis of secular culture and Jewish tradition, rabbinic authority, spirituality, relations with other denominations and faiths, and the place of gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals within our community.

that a critical mass of Modern Orthodox Jews desire to promote an Orthodox community committed lechatchila to halacha, clal yisrael,  and positive integration in contemporary culture, while also willing to listen respectfully and remaining open to incorporating a broad range of viewpoints.

the pre-existing initiatives and organizations dedicated to revitalizing Modern Orthodoxy by establishing a website to serve as a network, clearinghouse, resource, and ongoing forum for the exchange of Orthodox thinking on all issues affecting Jewish life, and by convening Yemei Iyyun and providing educational resources on a regular basis.

religious spirit, enhance learning opportunities, and deepen halachic observance, with particular focus on ethics, justice, and tikkun olam.

with the entire range of Modern Orthodox communal, religious, and educational institutions in America, Israel, and worldwide to promote a growing and inclusive Modern Orthodox community.

grassroots support for a renaissance in the Modern Orthodox community’s culture and values.


Founding Committee

Harris Bak · Anat Barber · Dr. Steven Bayme · Shelley Cohen · Victoria Lindenbaum Feder · Rella Feldman · Dr. Michael Fishbane · Laura Shaw Frank · Adina H. Frydman · Rabbi Yitz Greenberg · Ari Hait · Rabbi David Kalb · Lawrence Krule · Atara Lindenbaum · Alan Pines · Dr. Kenneth Prager · Shuli Boxer Rieser · Rabbi Yehuda Sarna · Rabbi Dan Smokler · Jordan Soffer · Sivya Twersky · Rabbi Avi Weiss